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Using WinMax IT Support Services for your office move

There comes a time in every business’s life when they have to relocate as their operations grow or change focus. An office move is a major undertaking, and the key is making the process as seamless as possible so that there is the minimum of disruption to your staff and more importantly, your customers.

Project management

If you are planning a move from one location to another, your first move should be to appoint a member of staff whose sole responsibility it is to manage the move and consider all of the different factors such as negotiating rents for the new premises, ensuring data backup before the move, organising the practicalities of removal and troubleshooting any problems which may arise. This is not a small task and will require input from all sectors of the business.

IT issues

Moving offices provides the perfect opportunity to rethink your entire IT system and if this is a move you are considering, then companies such as WinMax IT can help you design your new set-up, and are experts in topics like email hosting, data backup and hardware supply. Outsourcing the IT move to an external provider leaves your own staff free to get on with their day to day jobs without too much disruption.

Minimising Disruption

Most office moves are planned for over a weekend or bank holiday to minimise disruption for staff and customers, and WinMax IT Support Services are the best company to help you plan your move and carry out the process, step by step. Whether you are moving within London, UK or even further afield, experts will be on hand at every stage to give the best advice on managing your office move. Once the move is completed, ongoing technical support is available to deal with any teething issues as they arise.

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