Wireless Lan

Wireless access instantly increases productivity and business growth, allowing users to freely roam and access vital services on the move. In fact, for some job profiles, it’s essential.

Running Slow?

If your London office is stuck with a faulty Wireless LAN set-up, it could lead to much annoyance, lost deals, and unnecessary expense – not to mention a bad effect on all-round productivity levels.

This could also see your IT Support call-out charges skyrocket, and you’d also have to deal with set-up fees whenever you welcome a new employee to the company – and imagine the rigmarole when someone has to simply move workstations. With a properly installed LAN connection, you can avoid any unnecessary expense and keep your business running seamlessly with convenient, instant access to your servers at all times; no hassle.

If you haven’t experienced Wireless LAN yet, or are having to deal with a faulty system, why not step into the light with a properly installed system – you’ll not only give your business a boost, you could also save on your IT bills.

The best service

We at WinMax IT Support Service know that to get the most of this service, it should be fully integrated into your company’s operations. If you’re new to wireless LAN, we can supply a comprehensive list of options, explain the secured system and also provide you with an affordable quote to help bring your business into the 21st century.

Our solutions include:

  • A High Speed Wireless Access Point.
  • A sturdy firewall
  • A DHCP Server
  • NAT
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps switched hub
  • Structured Cat5-e,Cat6 and fibre cabling (Gigabit connection-friendly)

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