Hosted Services

These days businesses need access to a wealth of programs and data in order to perform daily tasks, and cloud computing is a way to consolidate those resources. It provides a platform that not only aligns everything but that allows the user to manage those resources in a highly efficient way, and with the right provider of hosted services the business can use the cloud to great effect.

Consolidation, control and cost-effectiveness

By consolidating resources in one central point you can have anytime, anywhere access to business-critical programs, streamlining processes whilst delivering measurable efficiencies and cost benefits across the board. By hosting everything in the cloud there’s no need for expensive in-house devices, servers or networking applications, reducing costs both in the short-term and long-term – the lack of maintenance and expertise required to run such hardware means the business can concentrate on core aspects of business management, allowing staff to focus on maintaining profitability on a more tangible level.

The business can enjoy a high level of control whilst leaving the finer details in the hands of the experts, and the level of flexibility delivers even more benefit. The whole concept of cloud computing is highly scalable so it can easily adapt to changing business needs, but it’s vital to have an IT support service that can be on-hand to deliver the necessary level of innovation and implementation to take things to the next level. That’s where WinMax IT can help.

Why WinMax IT?

WinMax IT has a wealth of experience in the field of hosted services and cloud computing as a whole, and is fully-equipped with the hardware required to host all services and resources necessary. The team can devise targeted strategies that meet individual business requirements in order to boost performance, increase visibility and deliver measurable value to the company, offering tangible avenues for growth with a fully-managed, effective solution.

This way of operating is scalable, flexible, efficient and highly cost-effective, giving businesses the power to move forwards without excess costs. It’s about delivering the tools businesses needed to work smarter, stronger and faster, and WinMax IT has those tools – perhaps that’s why so many top London names rely on us to provide the hosted services, data backup, email hosting, hardware supply and technical support needed in such complex IT environments, delivering cloud strategies that can have a measurable impact on bottom line results.

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