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Your business infrastructure in the cloud

You may have heard how more and more businesses and personal computing users are switching their data and applications to ‘the cloud’. What started off as a buzz word a few years ago has now taken the business world by storm. Imagine never having to purchase, configure or manage another server. Now imagine your data being stored securely offsite and accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any device. This is the power of cloud computing and it forms an integral part of the WinMax IT Support Service.

Experience a lower IT TCO and higher availability and productivity

If you are currently fighting a losing battle with server support issues, a lack of resources, licensing hassles and redundant hardware, cloud computing can take away these issues practically overnight. By hosting your data, email, web services and applications on cloud servers, you instantly take away the many headaches associated with in-house IT systems. Data backup, email hosting and centralised data are just some of the features we have to offer with our cloud services, and these services are evolving all the time.

At WinMax IT, we offer a holistic approach when it comes to cloud computing. You can choose the number of servers you need and we will configure those servers to suit the needs of your business. We offer your IT support teams full root access to your servers allowing them to configure, support, reboot and upgrade servers, or you can leave the hard work to our technical teams. The choice is yours. We also give you RAID-10 disk storage, dedicated IP addresses over a Tier-1 network, SSL encryption and a choice of Linux or Windows virtual servers. We can also supply 24/7 dedicated and live support for your support teams and users.

At WinMax IT, we offer fanatical technical support in London and across the UK and can also help you with hardware supply if you require a number of your servers to remain in-house. Speak to us today to find out more about the many benefits of cloud computing. We would be delighted to share our vast knowledge with you.

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