Cloud Web Hosting

Small to medium sized businesses invariably find that hosting websites and applications on their own servers is neither cost-efficient nor manageable. Problems with downtime, maintenance, security and funding mean a lot of companies look to external solutions, and that’s were cloud web hosting from WinMax IT comes in.

Minimal downtime = maximum profits

By using external servers in the cloud, a business’ websites and related resources/applications can be clustered together in a shared web hosting solution. WinMax IT is able to offer this service through partnership with Rackspace, boasting superior performance and 100% uptime for maximum benefit to the business – these clustered cloud servers are built on dedicated servers that run VMware and Hyper-V, offering total security and reliability throughout the life cycle.

Reliability is assured through the number of different servers and SAN storage devices used to make up each hosting cluster – in the case of a power outage or failure of one server or storage device, all services would automatically and instantly migrate to other live servers still available. This completely eliminates the possibility of downtime for maximum performance and instant access to business-critical data at all times, with a high level of security being assured.

Scalability and control

For businesses that have additional resources or require more from their cloud web hosting solution, there’s the option to upgrade from shared hosting to a fully managed, dedicated service. This gives a business their own cloud environment for a high level of control and full customisation capabilities, allowing the solution to be devised according to individual business needs, offering a high level of scalability and total control over resources.

WinMax IT – the full package

At WinMax IT we’re proud to offer leading cloud web hosting services at great value, with shared packages starting from just £50. Currently these solutions are only available for Linux or Windows OS, but they’re ideal for SMEs that run such systems and who are looking for maximum availability, high performance solutions with minimal outlay. WinMax IT provide the complete support service from data backup and email hosting to hardware supply and technical support in London and throughout the UK, offering the complete package with cloud web hosting services that can deliver measurable results.

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