Email Archiving

Here at WinMax IT we are dedicated to equipping small and medium sized businesses with the most efficient enterprise solutions, and our WinMax IT Support Service offers a high level of support to those keen to gain a competitive advantage over the competition. This includes our Email Archiving Service, which is designed to provide businesses with a long-term storage solution for emails. Our email hosting service is highly-flexible and allows for the storage of all emails – both sent and received, as long as an Exchange email service is being utilised.

Multi-functional email archiving

Our Email Archiving Service comes with an array of functions and features. Firstly, it incorporates an efficient email search facility, which allows users to track and locate specific emails in just seconds, enabling prompt retrieval of emails if necessary. Our service also provides a simple archiving policy set-up, as well as an array of additional confidentiality and legal hold features. As we all know, privacy is essential when it comes to emails, and so WinMax IT goes out of its way to ensure that your emails are for your eyes only, without risk of tampering from outside sources.

Using WinMax IT email hosting facility

Quite simply, without an email hosting facility, any business risks losing or misplacing important emails. It is also possible that without the security of a secure archiving system, confidential emails will fall into the wrong hands, which can have devastating effects for your business. To protect against these risks, our Email Archiving Service manages your emails faultlessly, taking care of storage as well as data backup, which also includes off-site backup for added security. If you’ve previously been storing a huge number of emails in-house then you’ll know that this requires a lot of effort, and time, which would be better spent focusing on your core business activities. Needless to say, WinMax IT provides support every step of the way and firmly believe that we’re the premier Technical Support London UK company. We even provide hardware supply, which many our of competitors do not. Why not give us a call or drop us an email today with any questions or queries?

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