Email Security

Email has totally revolutionised the way we communicate, do business and take advantage of the latest discounts. Billions of emails wing their way around the world on a daily basis and the security considerations are huge. At WinMax IT, we understand email and we understand the vulnerabilities that can affect any email server or individual message.

Stop email vulnerabilities in their tracks

With our email security services in place, you can be sure that every message and every attachment is safe to open. In addition to securing the email that comes into your business, we can also set up strategies that ensure every email leaving your mail server does nothing to damage the reputation of your business.

Email security covers a number of vulnerabilities and potential risks. We have built partnerships with a number of security software vendors including Barracuda Networks and Eset that will protect your mail servers from malicious attack, prevent potentially damaging emails from reaching their intended recipient and stopping spam email in its tracks.

Highly configurable and scalable email security solutions

Just one message containing a virus could bring your systems crashing down. Whilst you may have the most robust anti-virus systems in place across your network, isn’t it better to stop viruses at their source? Email is the most popular carrier method for viruses and other malicious software, but our email security systems will stop these potential risks instantly and keep them quarantined and away from your critical systems.

We can also provide anti-spam and content filtering systems that will not only prevent unwanted messages being delivered, but which will also protect the reputation of your business. Content filtering systems work by scanning incoming and outgoing emails to ensure confidential information is not being leaked and messages containing profanities or any other inappropriate content defined by you, are not delivered.

Or why not switch to email hosting?

The WinMax IT support service also provides the provision of email hosting. We take away the headache and expense of email server hardware supply and configuration, data backup, managing mailboxes, upgrading servers and fighting mail server problems with our email hosting solutions in the cloud.

Get the most from your email systems and prevent downtime or wasted time caused by malicious messages or junk mail. Speak to us today to find out more about our email security services and to obtain a cost effective quote. Call today on 020 3384 8637.

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