Ad Hoc Support

In addition to providing ongoing IT support and consultancy services, Winmax specialises in providing ad-hoc IT support services to businesses in and around London, UK. For businesses without in-house IT support services or companies who haven’t outsourced their technical support services, our ad-hoc IT support service enables them to resolve problems as soon as they arise.

With many companies heavily reliant on their IT infrastructure, the smallest of problems can cause business to grind to a halt. Problems with data back up or email hosting could mean you’re unable to maintain contact with customers or access essential data and information. Regardless of whether the problem is software or hardware related, our dedicated team of staff members can identify the problem and help resolve it as quickly as possible and are happy to provide a quote via email or over the phone.

Benefits of ad-hoc support

We understand that many companies don’t wish to enter into lengthy contracts for IT support services and would rather have access to ongoing ad-hoc support for times they really need it. We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses access the help they need, when they need it. When things go wrong you can rely on Winmax IT Support Service to resolve the problem effectively and efficiently.

Cost effective support services when you need them most

Our ad-hoc IT support service enables businesses to streamline and minimise their outgoings whilst obtaining cost effective IT support solutions. Rather than rely on costly in-house support, companies can rely on Winmax IT Support Services to deliver innovative solutions as and when they need them. In addition to troubleshooting current issues, our team will advise how you can avoid similar issues in the future meaning you can avoid problems before they arise. By maintaining your IT infrastructure, Winmax IT Support Services ensures your business keeps trading whilst problems are resolved. In addition to providing cost effective support solutions, the team at Winmax respond quickly to IT emergencies to ensure your business keeps running efficiently. Why not call or email us today for further information or to obtain a quote for ad-hoc support?

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