Network Security

Even as the technological world experiences an ever-expanding advancement, organizations continue to grapple with security issues. Security breaches have become far more sophisticated and intelligent. This is exactly why we, at WinMax IT, align with your setup to provide the best network security in London and all of UK. Our experts have expertise with VPN, VOIP networks, WAN and LAN. Our plan of action constitutes of administering the most complicated network infrastructures and continuing with adequate monitoring on a daily basis.

What WinMax IT Provides in Network Security London

Powered by the knowledge and skills of our professionals, we, at WinMax IT, provide a wide range of solutions, ensuring robust network security in London. Once you hand over your security concerns to us, our first step is to make sure that the hardware infrastructure and security software have been configured so as to bar the malicious breaches and allow the favourable ones. In this effort, we are guided by our commitment towards clients’ success.

Much More Than a Small Business IT Consultant in London

We provide a host of services for organizations all over London and the UK. Our impressive arsenal for securing and managing networks includes services like:

  • Configuring and managing firewalls
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities
  • Management of security patches
  • Spontaneous intrusion detection
  • Devising of techniques for protocol and packet filtering
  • SSL and VPN Security

We are constantly developing better practices for procedures and policies for network security in London. You can seek our expertise with hardware supply like firewall hardware, routers and switches.

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