SLA Counts

As a leading provider of IT and technical support in London and throughout the UK, at WinMax IT support service we realise the importance of maintaining customer relationships through meeting and exceeding expectations. That’s why we give each business client a service level agreement that we’re committed to achieving – our team works hard to meet those expectations and adheres to the terms promised from the outset, ensuring our SLA counts are not only some of the best in the business but that they’re achieved every single time.

WinMax IT – putting the customer first

We know that successful client relationships are the key to business success, and that’s why we have a clear “Customer First” mentality and strive to over-deliver on our promises. It’s a method that’s worked well – not only do we have clear, achievable and market-leading SLA counts but we’re proud to say we’ve built an army of loyal customers who trust us to deliver personalised, effective IT solutions that can keep their business running at all times. We’ve always been able to achieve the goals set and, in doing so, have managed to build and maintain client trust, so it’s no wonder so many big names put their faith in us to provide IT support services, data backup and email hosting solutions that work.

No room for error

In such complex IT environments we know that there’s no room for error, and with us you needn’t worry. We’re always able to deliver as promised with our clients benefiting from our expertise in the field of IT support – we stay at the forefront of technology and take a proactive approach with innovative, tailored solutions that minimise IT issues, eliminating downtime and ensuring maximum productivity at all times.

You can rely on our IT support service experts to deliver the results promised, with SLA counts that are rigorously adhered to throughout the project. We’re committed to delivering a top-quality, dependable service that puts professionalism and customer satisfaction at its heart, using technology to activate your business and solutions that can streamline processes for maximum efficiency and productivity at every step of the way. From email backup to hardware supply we’ll have the solution, so get in touch to see how our commitment to SLAs and customer relationships can take your business forwards.

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