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At WinMax IT support service, we understand that success in IT means reliability and dependability. Outsourcing IT infrastructure is a big decision, so we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our London based office is used to the high pressure demands of business in the Capital and always delivers.

With a proven track record in provisioning and supporting mission critical hardware and services, let WinMax IT help you to become even more successful. We are experts in sourcing system critical infrastructure such as data backup facilities, fast email hosting, reliable hardware with built-in redundancy and top notch technical support.

How WinMax IT can help your business

Our experience with small to medium sized businesses has helped us to understand your needs and made it possible to identify common problems, no matter what type of business you have.

We have provided technical solutions in the following sectors;

  • Financial Services
  • Government Departments
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotels
  • Estate Agencies
  • Non-profit Organisations

WinMax IT take a flexible approach and will advise on an individual basis, offering bespoke solutions to best suit your needs. You talk, we’ll listen.

How WinMax IT can help you

We can help you:

  • Plan an Office Move
  • Replace existing Hardware
  • Replace existing server-side technology
  • Implement Technological Migration
  • Innovate (Cloud based technology & VoIP)

We have the technical people and resources to ensure hassle-free change with a minimum of downtime.

Did you know WinMax IT can provide remote support and disaster recovery solutions? How WinMax IT can support you.

In-house, we have a dedicated, ambitious team of technical staff who are well qualified in many different disciplines (MSCE, CCNA, Exchange, VoIP, Cloud) and are able to work well under pressure, providing high quality support by email, telephone, remote login or on-site.

We can support;

  • Wide Area Networking (WAN)
  • Local Area Networking (LAN)
  • Cloud based storage
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Share Point
  • VoIP
  • Email Security
  • Web / Content Filtering
  • Email Archival
  • Offsite / Onsite Backup
  • Small Business Servers
  • Desktop Support
  • Network Security

How WinMax IT can save you money

We take a practical approach to your Service Level Agreement (SLA) and are flexible in the range of services we can offer. You can take advantage of our innovative single SLA or you may prefer to have several depending on your time-scale and response needs. Please call or email us for more details.

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